Meet the Mr. & Munchkins

Ah, Nathaniel, my love. Don’t let that baby face fool you. This guy is an old soul. Wearing newsies, reading Emerson and pontificating about the ways of the world while sipping tea in our wingbacks, yep that’s how he rolls. Fighting fires is how he brings home the bacon, and we do love bacon in our family…extra crispy! If after doing all the hubby and daddy duties he ever has time for those things called hobbies he enjoys bird watching and learning to play his guitar.

My big guy, Sawyer, is a whopping 2 1/2 years old. He is part boy, part monkey and all adorable. When he doesn’t have a rock face to climb he resorts to scaling our washing machine. He’ll likely be a mountaineer when he grows up but he’s no woodsy brute. His sweet, social personality has him loved by all. Seriously, is it possible for a toddler to have groupies?

My little guy, Thatcher, is only four months old so mostly he just does a lot of eating, crying and spitting up. He enjoys long walks in the breeze, and before long I imagine he’ll be taking them on his own because this boy wants to be on the go. He has been doubly blessed in the dimple department and those big, bright smiles make it all worth it…on most days.

Well, there you have it folks, my terrific guy trio. What I save in toilet paper now I will surely lose in groceries later. Hopefully, there will be some girls in the future, but for right now I’m outnumbered and loving every minute of it.

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