Meet The Mrs.

Hey there. Can you come a little closer? Yes, you staring at the screen. I promise I don’t bite. I have a little secret I need to share. I’m not really a blogger.

Well, yes technically you are reading my blog, but I am not your typical blogger type. In fact when I decided to write this blog, I went out to get a notebook to write all my blog stuff in, and yes I may have spent the better part of an hour deciding on just the right notebook. The thought even crossed my mind to look on Amazon for a book on how to start a blog. What can I say? I’m tactile. You see…

I am not the one waiting in line on Black Friday for the big IT item. As a matter of fact if it’s uber trendy I probably don’t even want it. Heck I may not even know what it is. My husband and I are those sacrilegious people who don’t own smartphones. He likes to joke that we have more of a C+ student. We do own a tv, but we don’t have cable so we only use it for movies. When it comes to the newest technology and gadgets, I am probably one of the last people to hop on the band wagon, and even then it’s because the old version became extinct.

As a kid, I lived for back to school shopping which sounds cool if I were talking about fashion, but no, my heart would race going down the office supply aisle. The only time I’ve ever been ahead of the technology curve was growing up in the 90’s when I asked Santa for a fax machine. Apparently, I thought lots of important people needed to reach me.

Instead, I am the girl who owns a beautiful Victrola that still plays. I’d love to have an old typewriter and hear the keys clicking away. When it comes to books, I prefer a paperback filled with highlights on a massive wooden bookcase. I get a thrill opening my mailbox that I can’t ever imagine happening with my inbox and decorative stationery with wax seals makes me positively giddy. So then why start a blog?

Well, you know when you’re having coffee with a friend and what started out as small talk suddenly turns into a prolific conversation? Then you go home and want to share the epiphany with your husband, neighbor, dog, etc. but it doesn’t quite translate or you merely don’t have the time to keep sharing it with everyone, well that’s why. A blog is simply an amazing resource that I can’t deny the benefits of any longer.

So what kind of reflections can you expect here at Hospitable Life?

Fruitful Faiththoughts on sermons, theology and other inspirational insights gleaned while walking with the Lord

Marriage Matterslearning how to have a relationship that honors the one who created it and enjoying each other along the way       

Parenting Principleshow to sometimes survive but mostly thrive while training up the little blessings God has placed in your care

Healthy Homeideas on running your home effectively for your family and being a good steward with it in order to bless others

Now join me won’t you? Head into my living room with your cup of coffee, curl up in the leather wingback and make yourself at home. Let’s have a few laughs, shed a few tears and share the wisdom from our journey’s.


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